Callsys® Gas Servicing
Accurate Planning, Easily Configurable, Fast and Cost-effective
Callsys® Gas Servicing

When you're managing several major contracts and could be legally responsible for ensuring the safety of thousands of gas appliances in homes and workplaces, you need an application which is easily configurable, accurate and capable of planning appointments and recording outcomes on a huge scale. Ideally, the application should also support your client's particular no access policy, minimise avoidable tenant contact and reduce no access levels. It should enable users to raise, dispatch and resolve jobs as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, and provide clear prompts to ensure that valid CP12s are held for every single property at all times.

Customers who install our specialist Callsys® Gas Servicing module in addition to the standard Callsys® Core platform can expect all this functionality and more.

Callsys® Gas Servicing Callsys® Core

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